Yacht Design & Naval engineering

INO GROUP is formed by a set of different talents gathered to work as a single creative mind, a real resource pool and different cultural background able to realize studies of architecture and marine engineering for the design of yachts, Working ships and military ships. Our design studio has revolutionized the world of sailing, thanks to a happy combination of know-how of engineering and architectural culture. The philosophy of Alexander Anthem and his team is to not be affected by any limits on freedom of imagination that is waiting to be switched on in order to give free rein to design new spaces full of fascinating contrasts, which will give an essential value, so light and fullness and all opposites combine, intertwine, invent a clearer idea, a project for the elegance of “users”.



Luxury Custom Design Parts & accessories

The company mission is to Edopera of customization in the naval sector, Industrial transport and aeronautic leveraging engineering and craftsmanship. a yacht, a motorcycle, un'automobile: all the parts required by the customer - and functional parts or accessories and options - are transformed and made of carbon becoming light and elegant. Rewarded for having revealed "the best possible example of innovative start-ups for activities aimed at technological development and use of advanced materials and production methods in the nautical sector dealing exclusively young people under 30".

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Research Institute

The INSEAN is a Research Institute in the engineering naval and maritime sector under the National Research Council – Department for Energy and Transport. founded in 1927, and also it is known as the “Vasca Navale”, It is based in the south-west outskirts of Rome. The staff on duty with the employment relationship for an indefinite period is 117 units of which 41 between researchers and technologists, 60 technical and 16 administrative. It has experimental facilities that are an important support infrastructure to the scientific technical development of the sector and that stand out in the world both for its size, It is primarily for advanced measuring systems. Conducts fundamental research in such basic disciplines of naval and maritime, with applications, among the others, in maritime transport safe and reduce risks for the ship and the flight crew. Many of the themes are aimed at areas of intervention of the integrated European maritime policy: environmentally sustainable transport, security of the naval transport, innovative technologies for the shipbuilding industry, sustainable exploitation of the sea. Participates in conducting numerous research projects financed or co-financed by national and international institutions and is involved in various consulting activities commissioned by industrial partners.




The RAPHAEL SRL founded in 2010, holder of MARCOPOLO and RAPHAEL brands combines the experience and taste Italian financial and construction capabilities of the parent company listed on the stock price list SUNBIRD Chinese. The extraordinary creativity and emotional impact of Italian design, with its clean lines and harmonious volumes, distinguish yachts RAPHAEL, from classic to sports, up to work boats. RAPHAEL is also distributor for Europe and Middle East of the prestigious IAG brand specializing in the construction of luxury yachts over 100 fully customized foot on customer requests. It has recently launched a new project: the Raphael 64′. A shuttle semi-planing capable thanks to the new MAN engines 730 horses to reach tips 24/26 Nodes with speed’ Cruising in 16/18 nodes and low fuel consumption, 10 knots. A boat where the quality of Made in Italy marries the wide spaces and refined gathering in itself all the typical features of such sizes yachts above 20 Actual meters of this shuttle. RAPHAEL 64 e’ the sublimation of the experiences made earlier. The natural upgrade to enjoy browsing and admire the scenery around us . Maximum comfort, the security, attention to detail, the possibility of distinguishing its shuttle making it unique, distinguish your new beach house.


Simple, innovative and technologically advanced Poseidon is the "unique software" that integrates in a single workflow all the nautical activities, The sales, purchases, inventory and general ledger. Poseidon is the ideal software for Nautical Shipyards, marinas, Broker-Dealer, distributors, Points of sale of products and accessories, Authorized workshops for the maintenance of engines and companies that deal with specifications in the nautical operations. It manages the work, orders, operators, garaging, the moorings, and the moorings with a particular layout, contracts, movements and more. Usable area of ​​the Shipyard, Porto, as well as in boat shows, in dock, at the customer or during the tests in water, Poseidon connects business operators between them, sharing essential information such as motor yachts for sale, the lists of products and services, the availability of stock and berths.
Poseidon is also addressed to companies that sell accessories and marine products wholesale and the public, thanks to the use of optical readers, bar code, and the link with most of the fiscal commercially. Developed for the small / medium enterprise Boat and configurable to your needs, Poseidon also manages the general ledger in all his obligations, warehouse, purchases and is fully integrated with Microsoft Office. POSEIDON is a Partner Technical Assonat, Associated Ucina and works closely with the National Assonautica, institutions and chambers of commerce to develop, innovation and improved sustainability of the sector.

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founded in 1992 as reality dedicated primarily to maintenance work, the Co.Ge.Man has managed over the years to establish itself in the world of design, upgrading and construction of real estates of civil use, commercial and industrial, He is able to count among its customers leading names in the pharmaceutical world , Banking and organized large-scale distribution. In recent years the interest of the company was also facing the nautical, a reality identified immediately as a new, potential scope for a company structured as Co.Ge.Man. and an excellent opportunity to further diversify its activities. In order to develop this new project, autumn 2014 la Co.Ge.Man. It takes the opportunity to detect an area of ​​state concession of the municipality of Fiumicino (Roma), a housing area that was previously exploited by Cantieri Navali Rizzardi, and that includes a covered area of ​​about 2200 sq.m., structured between industrial warehouses and offices, a forecourt of over 3500sqm with a water surface of 600 square meters in concession in the Fiumicino dock. The company pometina want direct its entry into this new industry establishing itself in refitting , service and storage of boats. Currently the Co.Ge.Man. It has a system of launching and hauling able to serve vessels up to 120 ton and a trolley for the same movement within their area and approved for short road sections of the capacity of 60 your, Doblò set up as a traveling workshop, in addition to a water purification system for the polluted water from the dry dock and washing. The internal team of professionals Co.Ge.Man, the strength of its twenty years of experience, for this new adventure has decided to avail itself of the collaboration of artisans and practitioners, to ensure performance excellence and total customer satisfaction. Meanwhile the company is also looking to create business partnerships for the commercialization of boats in the central and southern Italy. An 'important collaboration is with the Court of Lotti Pietrasanta (Spice), which it allowed the Co.Ge.Man to become the sole distributor of Tiara Yachts and Contender for the Lazio area to Punta Ala (Gr). It also launched two new commercial collaborations with Sarnico and Estentsi yards. in January 2015 the company kicked off the work of reclamation in state concession Fiumicino, aimed at restructuring, retrain and to put under the construction site of the new environments.



The passion for sailing combined with the experience and the entrepreneurial capacity of the partners have allowed the introduction of our company in the Italian nautical industry.
Under the registered trademark Seapower manufacture and distribute in the Italian territory all the products related to recreational boating.
Our slogan “For all the Nautica!” It expresses succinctly and concisely our purposes. We want to offer everyone the chance to enter the world of sailing, without facing prohibitive costs so far. From now on the Nautica it is no longer a privilege for the few!!!!


sea ​​Games

Sport Fisher Shipyard

By the continuous technological research and the passion for the sea, the Seagame nautical constructions is born with the aim to meet the needs of the most daring sport fishing enthusiasts and not. Boats designed for long-term parking at sea and for all styles of fishing, by vertical jigging to light jigging, trolling; always ready to face the sea and go from patient waiting for prey to fighting. Only on a sport fisherman, High-quality technology, you can deal with it with the utmost professionalism. “Anyone who buys a Seagame knows what he wants without compromise.”


Nautica Report is a webzine for boaters and beach lovers. It offers readers the top news from the world of Italian and international nautical, We propose History report, culture, tourism and update our users on industry news, nautical and sporting events halls. Our headings, addressed to all lovers of the sea, ranging in all fields, from the flea market ads to charter, from boats and vintage ships to underwater life, from technical and maintenance, to the descriptions of the main marine resorts of Italy and publishing new sector. Nautica Report proposes a simple robe, in the belief that full information but light is the best way to share the passion for the sea with those who already browsed and those who dream of doing.

portal nautica Pleasure in Italy, with news, Navigation tests, sheets of hundreds of boats, didactics, interviews, Fishing and diving.



Inflatable boat Shipyard

The Genialboat inflatable boats are essence of quality and speed. Style and elegance make their most advanced and compelling technology. Inflatable boats are made to keep alive the ancient traditions, worked by hand to make them unique and perfect to the last detail. Our goal is to create unsinkable boats and comfortable, with hulls designed to reach high speeds. Enjoy the ride the rest is done by Genialboat!



Manufacturer carbon pieces

As evidenced by the company's name is derived from the experience of Composite Materials Aeronautical industry, Coming from Agusta Helicopters (helicopter rotors and composite structures), the mentality and the concept of quality is clearly aeronautical, This is certainly the guarantee of competence among the best in the industry. Aviacompositi has for many years (1993) engaged in the design and manufacture of parts in carbon fiber, Kevlar, etc. both structural and aesthetic, Our skills range from 3D CAD modelers surface, FEM Analisys, Reverse Enginnering through 3D laser scanning, CNC machining for master models and molds poduzione.



Dealer nautical items

The passion for the sea has driven us to create a business with the goal of always being at the side of every boating enthusiast. Years of experience in the marine industry have allowed us to select some of the best brands including Gibellato Nautical Supplies (G.F.N.), Osculati, Nautical supplies Italy (F.N.I.), Moto Marine, Lalizas, Garmin, Lowrance, Plastimo, Nuova Rade, Boss Marine, Cobra Marine, GME, Eurovinil, Almar, Gipsy, Minn Kota, Mercury, Suzuki, Mingolla, Living the Sea, Ranieri, WOOD, Joker Boat, Umbra Trailers and many others, so as to offer our customers products with excellent quality characteristics, reliability, design and technology with particularly competitive purchase prices.



A great past, a long line of legendary boats for outstanding build quality, the recognized reliability and excellent performance at sea. classical, stylish, environmentally friendly fuel consumption very low. Boats "open" full of charm and prestige. Founder of the shipyard Tornado is the veteran of offshore racing Carlo Marchiolo; we are in 1968. The first boat Tornado era taking shape is a 35 foot inspired by the lines of Cigarette; immediately it attracted the attention of the international racing world and, a few months since its launch took place in 1969, this hull, strong American inspiration, win the championship Offshore Class 3. The early seventies are dense of other prestigious victories to increase the charm of the Tornado brand. The unforgettable hull "yellow Tornado" will go up on the podium of the prestigious Wills Trophy conducted by one of the main protagonists of the sport in the open sea: Vincenzo Balestrieri. gold medal in athletics in 1940 at the age of 14 years, Vincenzo Balestrieri continued his sporting career at sea winning 28 International competitions becoming, al pari di Sam Griffith e Don Aronow, a true legend. His victories at Viareggio-Bastia-Viareggio in 1970 e 1972, the ever trophy in Naples 1970, are the years of the legendary "black tornado". In 2016 Tornado begins a new course with Daniele Parisi, shipwright by three generations of the founder Parisi Shipyards. It was launched the new model of Tornado 38 conceived in continuity with tradition, but inspired by contemporary design philosophies. The deep-V hull, It is constructed with laminates of biaxial fiberglass and vinylester resin, It is the basis for the technological and design innovations that substantiate the revival of a great classic of Italian yachting.



Italian dealer 9BOT

Ninebot is a privately held company headquartered in Beijing, China. Recently Ninebot strategically merged with Segway, based on Bedford, New Hampshire. The new company focuses on research and development, design, production, distribution and sale of short-distance transport products. The ultimate goal is to promote the evolution of our products to become the world's leading provider of mobile robotics solutions. Ninebot is well known in Asia and Europe. Its investors include Sequoia Capital, Xiaomi e ShunWei TMT Capital Corporation. Segway has a periodic international distribution network 250 stores in 80 countries. The new company's strategic hub in the US, Netherlands and Beijing, and production centers in the United States and China. Segway and will Ninebot also devoted a great deal of attention to the connection seamless robotic solutions solution for smart phones and integrate existing technologies and future concepts, such as the voice and face recognition interaction with its robotic products – products that will be highly interactive and encourage intelligent life.



AQUO – Inflatable Boats

Aquo is a dynamic company for the design and construction of inflatable boats (RIB). With thirty years of experience in the field of molds and molding of plastic materials, but especially in the nautical for the processing of the VTR and in particular in the industrial model, born aquo, an innovative reality. The creation of each model is followed step by step up to the launch. Aquo produces both pleasure boats that work. For recreation we offer various solutions and each boat will be completely customized according to customer requirements, It will be unique. The aquo inflatable boats are manufactured and developed using high-tech materials, and innovative methods such as infusion and RTM processing LIGHT, which give the product superior structural characteristics and reduced weights. 3D model creation, milling CNC and CAD CAM technology allow to create cutting-edge products to the smallest detail. Innovation and experimentation with new resins with low styrene content and collaboration with manufacturers of cleaner marine engines make Aquo more and more product Eco-Green. controlled and certified productions.



Sea universe wants to be free and useful guide for boaters and marine professionals, providing advice and legal references, directed especially to the safety of navigation. Universomare is not a commercial site and do not sell anything, any references to market products have purely technical. The Association is committed to working in events and events and any activity that has as its object the seafaring culture and sea in its use, protection and respect and has the aim of spreading the spirit sailor, knowledge of regulations and maritime issues, the passion for the sea and the commitment to its use related to the marine environment, the development of all forms of activity in the sea that have their own expression, such as nautical tourism, boating and sailing in all sectors of activity linked to them, as well as in shipping in general.


Italian Sailing Federation

IVF is a well-established Federation the country with more than one hundred thousand members distributed in 735 sailing clubs (data to 2014). Despite the difficult moment of the entire national economy, these representative numbers of Italian sailing movement are stable and in some land area grow in contrast with the average figure of the sports movement loyalty. The federal organization, the work of sailing clubs, the exclusive Sailing Schools system, with qualified instructors, are the input cells, every year, for more than 40.000 young people in the sport of sailing; including many are nearing competitive practice, being able to choose from many types of boats that respond to the name of Classes. They range from small youth drifts, boats 2-3 meters for a single person manning, to larger dinghies and techniques which are also Olympic classes, the boats with fixed keel, to offshore cruisers engaged in inshore or deep sea, to large boats for ocean sailing solo or crew where the Italian colors have always had a distinctive role.
The universe of sailing classes also includes newly designed boats such as multihulls (catamarans and trimarans), i windsurf, kite surfing: all these boats and their crews give rise to large national and international events, to the Match Race circuit (The specialties with the duel between two boats sun), which it expresses in its maximum size the best known sports sailing competition, the America's Cup. The Italian Sailing Federation coordinates, regulates and supports this activity in Italy, ranging, then, from the promotion of boating culture to school children, the Olympic sailing. IVF, in agreement with the Ministry of Education (the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research), It promotes sailing culture in schools through a project recognized by the Ministry of Education,  the VelaScuola, and welcomes those who want to take the experience of going to sea with more than 500 sailing schools organized by affiliated clubs.

Fiumicino Sailing Club

The Sailing Club and Fiumicino’ a sports association not for profit based on principles of solidarity’ and aggregation in the development of activities’ sailing and water sports.

ASSONAT, National Association of Ports and Harbours, born in 1982, non-profit, with the aim of protecting the interests of companies that deal with the construction and / or the tourist port facilities management (ports, marina, landing, mooring points, etc.). It based in Rome, P.zza Belli 2. ASSONAT now has in its associated list, growing steadily, dozens of renowned Italian marinas all along the sea-coast, lake and river of the peninsula. ASSONAT is part of Confcommercio – Enterprises for Italy and Confturismo, for discussion of proposals and the solution of problems related to tourism and recreational boating industry in particular.
ASSONAT is an active part in the promotion “nautical tourism” – “the economy of the sea” participating, Also recognizing its patronage, the major Italian events industry: Genoa International Boat Show, Seatec-Review International Technologies, Subcontracting and Design for Boats, Yachts and Boats Carrara, Bit-International Tourism Exchange in Milan, Boat Show in Rome, YMF-Yacht Med Festival International Fair of Economy of the Sea of ​​Gaeta, foreign ones: Sailing Festival de Cannes, Paris International Boat Show, Boat Show in Dusseldorf and speaking at conferences, seminars and round tables which actually categorical representative of marinas and related activities. FEE Italia, Foundation for Environmental Education, with the sponsorship of the European Community, which it has the task of identifying beaches, harbors and marinas that meet specific environmental requirements, tourist, organizational and structural. ASSONAT collaborates with FEE Italy for the award of “European Blue Flag”, coveted award for deserving dealers who run marinas and beaches.


Tommy Racing Team

Passion and competence characterize our team-oriented not only to give show and excitement during tie, but also strongly present in the country through the social commitment. The stages of the championships and beyond, They are for us an opportunity to meet with civil society and with those less fortunate and who may not have the opportunity to watch the races. Visits to children's hospitals, meetings with students in schools, awareness of the political world allow us to do our important regional partner team. We are ambassadors of the world food program (World Food Programme), operational arm of the United Nations system with regard to food aid. The agency of the United Nations wfp is at the forefront in the fight against hunger – always ready to respond quickly to emergencies, saving lives and bringing food to the hungry and those who are most vulnerable. The wfp also works because the hungry can achieve food security in the future, through food assistance programs that are instrumental to the construction of goods, dissemination of knowledge and the growth of stronger communities and more dynamic



Naval Shipyard Catamarans

Sporting heart, great comfort and refined design are the main ingredients of the new project that C-Catamarans has appointed Marc Lombard, one of the most famous designers of high-performance catamarans in the world. Lombard together with the technical study C-Catamarans has developed an exciting project and full of innovations. As is traditional C-Catamarans great importance was given to the performances that are not represented only by pure speed but also and especially on the ability to navigate well in all sea conditions and wind. This is why the C-Cat 37 in addition to the generous sail plan, It has a refined hull result of a very thorough study that will also allow you to navigate with little wind (the critical condition of cruising catamarans) with the same performance of a cruiser monohull racer , to trace well the wind and reach blazing speeds with fresh wind. The facilities and 'assured by a hull with maximum beam in the dead works comparable to that of a 39/40 walking. This was possible thanks to the strong work redan dead that keeps the water line in the submerged part thin and then widens in the emerged part. Il already inoltre, along with the high water trampoline ensures a dry deck also with wave formed. Interior comparable to a 39 Feet are offered in various versions 2 a 4 cabins with 2 wc, with the innovative solution of continuity of the cockpit and the dinette separated only by a fully opening sliding door. The cockpit and 'served by a rigid hard top designed to be completely closed by means of removable fabric or composite panels. This solution allows in fact a doubling of the saloon while ensuring insufficient outdoor space for maneuvers. The normally design and 'a slightly' missing element in the catamaran sector and the C-Catamarans wanted to launch a further challenge right on a small catamaran where and 'more difficult to harmonize with the external forms of interior space requirements. The result is obvious to all, and 'it born a sleek and gritty catamaran.


Mediaship – Broker & Charter

For more than 25 years, we work with skill and dedication to the sale and rental Yacht, both sail and motor with two locations in Italy, in Rome and in Lavagna, This is the country of reference for the world's best production yacht and focal point for sailing in the Mediterranean at the confluence of the main international markets.
Founded in 1989, in 25 years in business, Media Ship ha intermediato, in Europe and in the World, the sale and rental of about 5.000 unit, always ensuring the utmost care in providing targeted solutions, facilities and services of exclusive customer care with the aim of saving time and energy to its owner. Media Ship acquires for you about the history of your interest boats, It examines the characteristics of each of them, as well as of their owners and the people who over time have cured. Our team works with the technical, the sailors, commanders, the yards, the best law firms and consultants, takes part in important International Boat Show, to treat every aspect more in detail.



MB Marine Service is responsible for building sales and repair of rubber boats, tubular construction , personalized preparations,Design and molding fiberglass. For many years our company has been dedicated to’ assistance of rafts, especially for repair of tubular either HYPALON NEOPRENE that PVC, restoring them in case of deteroriamento and in extreme cases, or to the customer's choice, the complete replacement. We build tubular directly at our office, using the best fabrics Pennel & Flipo ORCA with specific weights depending on the type of inflatable boat, realizing them with graphics and colors to your liking Guest.

Construction sale and repair of rubber boats



The Lighthouse Daily Online of the Lazio coast information


Accademia Del Mare is a Nautical School established in 2000. Since become a major teaching professional of yachting. Together with the Fiumicino Sailing Club (ASD 1981) It promotes the sport of sailing. The hotel is affiliated with the Italian Sailing Federation and recognized by CONI. The organization of the activities are run by the Federal Sailing Instructor, Race Officials, Sailors experts and Coaches.


PIEMME Antonio Mariorenzi – Water furnishings

PIEMME Antonio Mariorenzi deals with design, build and install a custom kitchen. Create mobile, a closet, a walk-in closet. Restoring a window, a porthole. These are just some of the services that can offer PIEMME, both domestic and naval. The art of the master carpenter with experience and the tricks of the trade, cutting-edge technology as well as an unfailing professionalism and experience in the trade for years.

IT strategies and business development strategies

Clariter has very deep roots in the ICT sector and a marked consolidated managerial connotation of a wide variety of experience accumulated in over thirty years by the founders, through the implementation of major industrial operations and qualified, within business realities of national and international importance as Olivetti, Elea, Schlumberger, Atos Origin, Italtel, HP, Finmeccanica. Focusing its business on a spectrum of activities ranging from the world of the mainframe to the Internet and many other technological areas, the company intends to bring to public and private organizations the necessary value added, to put them in a position to offer better services to their citizens and customers, working at high performance and more efficiently, competitive and profitable.


The INOEXPORT Consortium was established between some of the most important national companies operating in the water, architecture and design. The goal we set ourselves is to promote the aggregation of national excellence in order to enhance knowledge and capacities, providing SMEs with a set of concrete tools for the promotion of the product and of the international territory. Conducting a territorial marketing action we want to be a real support for small and medium-sized enterprises which represent the productive lifeblood of our country. So we've created a series of tools to support SMEs in their internationalization process, tools designed with the market and for the market, to provide a concrete answer to their growth.

Proper pruduce tiles using plastic PVC sheets with different thicknesses and supports all cards on the market today with technologies: rfid, magnetic stripes, contact chip, barcodes and all types of variable data.Proper is a leading company for the production ofplastic cards, also providing the best printers in the market for pruduzone in their plastic cards and badges,with sublimation printing technology , direct thermal printers and atrasferimento. The excellent quality of raw materials, the competitive prices, reliability in the sales and technical assistance, make it one of the best in the market carteplastiche.


the CSP, Consortium Development and Promotion, It was formed on 19 October 2004 by production companies for goods and services, separate at the operational level and with various specializations in the high-tech computer industry, in architectural restoration and new building materials. The consortium is multi-regional, with activities in Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Tuscany and Veneto, and is a member of the National Federexport / Confindustria, which he is pursuing a profitable and effective bilateral cooperation program.
The Consortium organizes and manages a business support and advice for the development of Multinational Projects, Public and private: Analysis and design of programs of the European Union Cooperation; Public relations and research and formation of international partnerships; Marketing, globalization of business, globalization of business; Projects and promotion for complex IT solutions (security and digital signature), applied to Public Administrations, banks, Universities' and public bodies; conservation projects and restoration of cultural heritage in the many subdivisions: paper, tissues, paintings, precious materials, wood and architectural; real estate projects in the construction industry for tourism; Cooperation projects in the field of Italian emigration abroad; business cooperation projects with the system of the Italian Chambers of Commerce all 'Estero; Projects for the promotion of information systems related to electronic ticketing for stadiums and other sporting and / or cultural events; Projects for the construction of service centers overseas software development.
The Consortium's registered office in Rome, with offices in Bologna and Mendoza (Argentina), He is co-funded for its promotional activities by the Ministry of Economic Development Italian.


PLS Educational deals with communication, marketing and organization of national and international events. From a small meeting to the international conference, PLS is the ideal partner to plan and organize different types of events: congress, educational events, business meetings, workshop, conventions, celebrations, inaugurations, exhibitions and much more. The PLS is to organize an event stitched him to customer needs, able to satisfy and reconcile its strategic requirements, of communication, marketing and budgeting with an excellent attention to the technical and logistical and organizational. To achieve this goal PLS puts together a series of simple but fundamental ingredients: many years of experience in organizing events, competence and professionalism of the team, creativity, order and so much enthusiasm.

IL QUADRIFOGLIO – Accessoristica


Centrauto ROME – division nautical


MORSELLA – Safety and Design – Cooperative Society




From the idea to good use and exploit the natural mouth of the Tiber, born in 1964 the Tecnomar: few mooring equipment, of call, Launching, a small carpentry / workshop ... but really want to do. Prior to the construction site there was a lawn, so much mud, no road, but much stubbornness, courage and resourcefulness. They began to arrive the first boats, they also with the courage of the pioneers. From small sailing boats, helped by a few but real sailors and old world carpenters, in short, the circle began to assert itself. In 1970, saw the large number of sailing vessels present, It is founded the Circolo Nautico Tecnomar that gets 04 October the same year membership to the Italian Sailing Federation (IVF).

acquisition and processing services, including electronic, data and corporate and non-corporate information, accounting and non-accounting nature, economic, statistical and of each other gender and type for third account; services of organization of logistics facilities, productive, distributive, financial and administrative of companies, public and private entities operating both in Italy and abroad; services for the development of sales and market research; Assistance in the preparation of virtual sites and design, in the purchase and / or rental, installation both in Italy and abroad with the necessary equipment and electronic and information technology as well as design, purchase, the sale, hire package implementation and / or software programs of any kind, and hardware-related products including the cash registers;


Agiotech – industrial tomography, reverse engineering service

In Agiotech over 15 years we have been engineering products using the most advanced and efficient technologies for designing CAD 3D, scanning with optical or laser systems, digital microscopy. In 2014 It was born Metrix3D, that completes the Group Services: scans and precision measurements on CMM machines Portal, equipped with laser head, and tomographic X-ray machines dedicated to measuring and defectology. We like to solve the most complex needs always facing new challenges. In this area the quality must be consistent to give a customized service, rapid, efficient and highly competitive. From analysis to design, from prototyping to pre-series, care phase for us is a MUST.


hub systems – Shipyard

navigation system born from the professionalism, the competence and leadership of Mr.. Eriberto Morsanuto, which it has largely contributed to the management company by structuring the various engineering departments and production, supervision of the work team, our technical and commercial partners and conduct of all activities of the yard. The skills of Mr. Morsanuto are the result of many decades of activity both in Italy and abroad, especially in America, Northern Europe and Australia, working as chief designer and coordinator of a project involved in the planning and construction of a network of shops selling on behalf of a leading Italian brands in the fashion industry. Eriberto Morsanuto has created hundreds of shops and sunny spots in local brand in all continents, the mastery of international management expertise and the development of a dense network of strategic contacts.

Parquet producer, Carpets, PVC flooring and rubber, laminated, coatings and tends to be internal and external.


Presentatiamo The main systems of renewable dellenergia exploitation particularly that solar to illustrate the great and unlimited possibility of obtaining energy from items that are available all year round and to work in order to pursue business interests and the collectivity premise cirat industrial consortium for research and high technologies. Contributions for action on energy saving energy saving reduction of carbon dioxide transfer shares other countries or stakeholders cirat industrial consortium for research and high technologies.


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