Tecnomar Fiumicino exposes Sailing to Rome 'MAGIC', the yawl Sangermani masterpiece 1960







Tecnomar Fiumicino exposes Sailing to Rome 'MAGIC', the yawl Sangermani masterpiece 1960

Fiumicino, 14 October 2016

Al Sailing to Rome, scheduled until Sunday 16 October 2016, They could not miss the surprises.

the historian Tecnomar Fiumicino shipyard espone lo yawl da regata classe I R.O.R.C. MAGIC, built with the number 112 dai Sangermani Lavagna Shipyards. 

It was commissioned by Sigg. Signorini Naples and they were delivered in June of 1960.

Transferred to Naples began a lifetime of racing participating and winning the 'Regatta two Gulfs”.

In 1971 P. Signorini He enrolled at the “Sailing Club and Remo of Italy” of Naples and from there He continues his story.

The boat last year was prepared by Tecnomar to be able to make a cruise season in the Mediterranean and to be able to participate in the circuits dedicated to racing of vintage and classic boats.


YEAR 1960
YARD Sangermani Lavagna Shipyards
PROJECT Sangermani
F.T LENGTH. 15,17 m (excluding the pulpit)
WIDTH 3,83 m
DRAFT 1,85 m
DISPLACEMENT 15,43 tons (gross tonnage)
SAIL AREA 114 m²

All specifications

Circolo Nautico Tecnomar ASD

The tecnomar is a circle Fiumicino active on the territory since 1964. affiliated to IVF, Italian Sailing Federation from 1970, as well as circle Center of Education recognized the Federal Boat and sailing school for offshore boats. It is also the recognized training center, Training Centre (RTC) della Royal Yachting Association, RYA prestigious Anglo-Saxon absolute leading association worldwide in the professional training of the professional crew

The Shipyard Tecnomar

Tecnomar srl concrete synergies and partnerships among the different realities,  local and international, yachting operating in the Fiumicino area. Thanks to these partnerships and the long experience we have specialized in the restoration of vintage boats and their complete restoration,  performed according to original projects and plans laboriously recovered.

The use of specialized labor,  the use of original materials,  meticulousness in conceiving the project as well as knowledge of the various types of construction work,  both in wood,  in iron that resin, return to craft their uniqueness and their former glory.

The last restoration,  completed in 2015, it is 10 meters S.I. first rule gaff cutter many built in 1910 to participate in the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912. Presented to the regattas of St. Tropez in October 2015, will participate in the Mediterranean circuit C.I.M. in 2016.

many He was selected by Classic Boat, the international magazine that is the most beautiful boats in the world, for Award 2016


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