Among the exhibitors of “Sailing to Rome”, the international trade fair to be held in Fiumicino from 12 al 16 October, there is also Aviacoompositi.

“Sailing to Rome”It is sensitive to anything which might give rise to exclusivity and innovation in the field of navigation. Nothing better, then, a company can customize boats using excellent materials and advanced production processes as Aviacompositi.

With a 'derived from field experience Composite Aeronautical Materials, coming from Agusta Helicopters, Aviacompositi is a guarantee of competence, professionalism and attention to detail. For many years engaged in the design and manufacture of parts in carbon fiber, Kevlar, etc. both structural and aesthetic, The company's expertise ranges from 3D CAD modelers surface, FEM Analisys, Reverse Enginnering through 3D laser scanning, CNC machining for master models and molds poduzione.

After scoring a special military, motorcycling, aerospace and automotive Aviacompositi, in the last few years, He has decided to enter the nautical market creating custom boat totally different elements so much in forms as in the materials used. The pride of this is the realization of the planks of numerous boats: perfect combination of design elements, functionality and advanced materials as well as totally exclusive.

A “Sailing to Rome”, the sea on the international economy fair, held at the Fiumicino dock between 12 and the 16 October, Aviacompositi He will exhibit some of his accomplishments. And we are sure will be able to hit all of the visitors to its stand.



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