Rome - will take place from 12 al 16 October, the first edition of Sailing to Rome, a show dedicated to boating and everything related to the sea that will take place on Fiumicino dock.

Sailing to Rome, is not the first and certainly will not be the last boat show which tries to intercept the water-rich public that revolves around the capital.

Attempts noteworthy are, the Sea Lounge in the 80 'which saw its first edition in the sports hall of Rome, and Big Blue, which was held for several years in the halls of the Fiera di Roma, around these a series of clumsy and improvised attempts including marina blue organized by the president of the nautical club Fiumicino three years ago.

Rome for boating means about 10.000 boats moored within 100 kilometers from the capital, in addition to the mini boats that are found in the myriad of small sites that overlook the coast of Lazio, a catchment area potential of about 400.000 people. A rich dish but no one seems able to exploit.

All the salons open and close within a few years and never make it to the thickness worthy of a national boat show.

The location chosen by Sailing to Rome is perfect, the Fiumicino dock, a closed dock that can accommodate several dozen boats with a ground area not big, but enough to put on display as it can affect both sailing yachtsman, both motor.

The mistakes that made those who came before sailing to Rome were, a) the cleaning. The dock is very dirty and if you will not be clean for the event will risk creating a junk room. B) The kiosks of ciafrusaglie and sandwiches: or confuse a boat show with a country fair.

In October we will see what will make the organizers of the new trade fair and how to spend public money they received to organize the new hall.


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