“Sailing to Rome” , the international trade fair to be held in Fiumicino from 12 al 16 October, It is home to companies that contribute to the technological development of the economy of the sea with solutions and innovative ideas, often be realized through advanced materials.

Perfect example of this is Ninebot, attentive of research and development, design, production, distribution and sale of shipping products over short distances.

NineBot manufactures personal transporter latest generation ultra-modern design and innovative. The NineBot products are characterized by low weight and ease of transport using the handle.

The materials used are excellent with frame and footrest magnesium alloy. Noteworthy is also the ability to easily customize the look of NineBot One thanks to the possibility of replacing the outer shells with other different color.

The attention to safety, an answer in an electronic control system that operates in real time and without errors the multiple information coming from the various sensors, promptly alerting via activation of specific potentially risky situations alarms.

Elegance and handiness, functionality and low weight. Features that make Ninebot an accessory that is rapidly penetrating the nautical market. This explains why in Sailing to Rome, the international economy of the sea fair held in Fiumicino from 12 al 16 October, NineBot will be present along with all of its products.


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