Assonautica Romana, Association for the development of yachting and nautical tourism of the province of Rome has always been at the forefront to encourage all initiatives that bring benefits to the sector.

“The event Sailing to Rome is an event that hopes to be confirmed in time and grow as a reference point linked to boating and the sea in all its forms.- declaresCesare Pambianchi President Assonautica Romana: "I am happy to grant the patronage of the event scheduled to Fiumicino Darsena from 12 al 16 October 2016. Good wind”.

promoted by Lazio region and from Municipality of Fiumicino, The initiative aims to create a showcase of regional water sector and also a meeting place between shipowners and suppliers of accessories for technological research, the design and customization of accessories.

The organization is entrusted to 'association FEDEX architectAlessandro Inno, co-financed byLazio and Lazio region Innova, the in-house company of the Region. To ensure that all stakeholders are involved, It was recently organized a conference of services, convened by the Harbour, which he has seen around a table all stakeholders, such as the Port Authority, law enforcement and rescue at sea, the associations of port, fishermen and boat yards.


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