The article by Sailing to Rome on the site of Yacht With Festival

Organized by 'association Fedex under the patronage of Town of Fiumicino and the Port Authority of Rome and Lazio, Sailing to Rome it's a Economy International Fair of the Sea to be held from 12 al 16 October 2016 and it provides both an exhibition on the ground in the parking lots of the front apron Fiumicino dock, is an exhibition in the water at their docks. Sailing to Rome is an initiative co-funded by "Lazio Region - Lazio Innova"And it is inserted in the group of activities aimed at development and enhancement of the whole economy of the Sea. Under the project Sailing to Rome 30 among the companies participating Laziali will be selected and recognized as Economy of the Sea Lazio excellence. The protagonists are not only shipyards, with storage, refitting and sale of new and used boats. Even the accessories and the nautical clothing, e all activities that are part of the sea economy. And then water charter, movement of goods and passengers, tourist ports. Regulation and environmental protection, in addition to the seafood chain, to the sector of beach resorts and tourist accommodation, and crafts. And then the industry of luxury and innovative start-ups. Without forgetting research, creativity and water sports. In this regard, "Sailing to Rome" will host INSEAN, the research center of engineering naval and maritime CNR, and the Italian Sailing Federation. important players which are followed by important numbers. 5 days International Fair 6000 m2 of exhibition space on the ground 12000 m2 of space in the water, the entire wharf at Fiumicino 35.000 visitors expected at the fair 10.000 visitors a day on the weekend and then conferences, workshop e meeting. In addition to active participation of the media, local and national, print and radio-TV with about 100 accredited journalists and 50 media partner. Not to mention the numerous sponsors and selected partners of the largest companies in the automotive sector, insurance as well as in the luxury industry sector. For companies the opportunity to affirm and consolidate its local presence in addition to a huge return on advertising and image. The opportunity to establish new and solid professional relationships. an opportunity to Economic cooperation between small and medium-sized Italian companies and foreign companies. A starting point towards the relaunch and unique opportunity for the entrepreneurs of the sector. SAILING TO ROME PRESENTE AL CANNES YACHTING FESTIVAL Sailing to Rome will be presented to visitors of the Yachting Cannes Festival to be held from 6 September 11th 2016. To explain the objectives of the event will be Alessandro Inno, the President of event organizer FEDEX co-financed by the "Regione Lazio - Lazio Innova". Some of the companies exhibiting at Sailing to Rome, such as Ino Group, Adopera, Raphael Yacht, Co.Ge.Man, Heron Yacht, will be present at the booth PAN 132 where they will stress internationally the quality of products and services that are able to offer. Sailing to Rome aims to quickly become a landmark event for the economy of the sea in the international field, showcasing the excellence of the Lazio Region and the entire national sector. Al Cannes Yachting Festival, that with more than 50000 visitors, 500 exhibitors and 600 accredited journalists is one of the largest international windows with regard to the entire economy of the sea. We are assured that Sailing to Rome and the participating companies will win them over by giving them an appointment: Fiumicino dock, from 12 al 16 October, Sailing to Rome a must for the entire economy of the sea.



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