You open the 12 October and continues until 16, to Fiumicino Darsena, boating event Sailing to Rome promoted by the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Fiumicino, which aims to create a showcase of regional water sector and a meeting place between shipowners and suppliers of accessories for technological research, the design and customization of accessories.

The organization is entrusted to the association FEDEX architect Alessandro Inno, co-financed by Regione Lazio and Lazio Innova, the in-house company of the Region. To ensure that all stakeholders are involved, It was recently organized a conference of services, convened by the Harbour, which he has seen around a table all stakeholders, such as the Port Authority, law enforcement and rescue at sea, the associations of port, fishermen and boat yards.

More than thirty companies will take part in the event, and among them we can mention the INO Group, for the design and yacht design, EDOPERA for customization of components and accessories with the use of advanced materials, INSEAN for Technological Research in partnership with the National Research Council. And then Raphael, Company Example of Globalization, using Chinese capital, planning and design of the Lazio, production in the Marche region and international market. And then, we can mention the manufacturers of small and medium-sized boats like the Seapower, Genial Boat, la Seagame, the CVT Nautica retailer of powerful engines Mercury. in short, one split excellence in production and sale of this important sector of BLUE ECONOMY will focus in Fiumicino. Also adheres to the industry press as Nautica, historical review of the industry and the online portal Nautica Report.

There will be local companies as Tornado, old manufacturer of OffShore speedboats and CO.GE.MAN. It will be showing the Marga, historic vessel built in 1910 for the Olympics in Stockholm and the subject of a long and careful restoration in Tecnomar of Fiumara Grande, which it has received prestigious international awards for both the restoration work, a demonstration of excellence of local workers, both on the race course, such as participation with excellent results at the recent competition among vintage boats St. Tropez.

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase their boats in the water pool of the dock and make her try to potential buyers. In collaboration with the Italian Sailing Federation and Sailing Club Fiumicino, among the most important and well organized on the national scene, We will approach the guys at the sport of sailing. This is derived using a simulator with, complete with a sail and fan to simulate the wind, able to recreate the feeling of boating and the related emotions.

With this first edition of Sailing to Rome (, we intend to revive the centrality of Fiumicino in the regional marine industry, not nostalgic key, for those who remember past editions of the fair, but to show how the industry is evolving and indicate the direction of internationalization to overcome the crisis. Through the culture of "doing", we want also that this event will grow over time and grow stronger, That is our hope, among the most important events of boating such as Cannes and Genoa. About that, in a panel discussion with authorities and industry associations, They will face the problems that prevent full recovery of the boating industry from an economic and employment point of view.


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