Always the Italian nautical design is appreciated internationally as one of the best. A “Sailing to Rome”, the international trade fair to be held in Fiumicino from 12 al 16 October 2016, its excellence in the field of naval design will showcase its full potential: Ino Group dell’Architect Alessandro Inno.

Within Ino different talents among them work as a single creative mind. The team di casino, indeed, It is composed of architects, naval engineers and designers. A pool of resources from different origins from life to a winning combination of engineering and architectural culture know-how that is essential to the complete design of a boat. The involvement of each of the employees in the various aspects of the project and their collaboration at all levels ensures absolute harmony and ensures an enthusiasm which is reflected in the result obtained: Design cared with passion and pride in every detail.

The group, based in Rome, born in 2000 when Alessandro Inno decides to leverage its experience as a manager of some of the major Italian shipyards putting into practice his innovative idea of ​​nautical design: the coexistence of creativity and technology, culture, architectural and engineering know-how. From life in this way to INO, a design company capable of monitoring the entire project development: from initial sketches with which to explore design ideas to the smallest detail achieved with the aid of cutting-edge technology. In this way, solving all the problems that may arise during the development of the project before construction begins, are guaranteed performance, comfort and safety persisted optimal stylistic consistency.

Alexander's design line Inno is free from limitations or prejudices: It is giving free rein to the imagination, which guarantees beauty and harmony in their designs creating elegant shapes and surfaces in their balance. Despite what the company makes available its creativity and experience, to serve the needs of owners and builders as well as to market demands. The ability to understand the customer, his personality and his way of life, He brings Ino Group to design tailor both the boat's interior as all sorts of accessories and decorative detail. Thanks also to the deep knowledge of materials and the ability to keep pace with new technologies the company is revealed constantly advanced and able to develop architectural solutions that meet the complex needs.

In short, a real credit to the design and the entire Made in Italy will be in Sailing to Rome and we are confident will eventually make people dream, thanks to his work, every visitor to its stand.

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