Among the exhibitors of "Sailing to Rome" , the international economy of the sea trade fair to be held in Fiumicino from 12 al 16 October, there is also Co.Ge.Man.

After 25 years in the design, upgrading and construction of real estates of civil use, commercial and industrial the Co.Ge.Man addressed, in the last few years, the interest in the marine environment by identifying the latter as an action field with strong potential for a company structured as Co.Ge.Man. as well as a possibility of diversifying its activities.

It is precisely for this reason that in the autumn 2014 la Co.Ge.Man. It found an area of ​​state concession of the municipality of Fiumicino, an area that was previously exploited by Cantieri Navali Rizzardi, and that includes a covered area of ​​about 2200 sq.m., structured between industrial warehouses and offices, a forecourt of over 3500sqm with a water surface of 600 square meters in concession in the Fiumicino dock. This is where Co.Ge.Man. It intends to establish in refitting , service and storage of boats and intends to do so thanks to the facilities and the expertise at its disposal.

As a launching system and hauling capable of serving vessels up to 120 ton and a trolley for the same movement within their area and approved for short road sections of the capacity of 60 ton up to a Doblò set up as a workshop traveling.

And then the domestic professional team of Co.Ge.Man, the strength of its twenty years of experience. Team for this new adventure has decided to avail itself of the collaboration of artisans and practitioners, to ensure performance excellence and total customer satisfaction.

A company also notable from the point of view of the commercial partnership that has created and is creating, for the commercialization of crafts, in central and southern Italy and beyond. An 'important collaboration is in fact that the Court of Lotti Pietrasanta (Spice), which it allowed the Co.Ge.Man to become the sole distributor of Tiara Yachts and Contender for the Lazio area to Punta Ala (Gr) in addition to two new commercial collaborations with Sarnico and Estentsi yards.

To underline, finally, the attention of Co.Ge.Man. to Fiumicino area witnessed by the sewage system for polluted waters from the dry and washing according to the plant and not just. in January 2015, indeed, the company kicked off the work of reclamation in state concession Fiumicino, aimed at restructuring, retrain and to put under the construction site of the new environments.

A "Sailing to Rome," so you can visit the stand of Co.Ge.Man. Excellence in refitting , service and storage of boats as well as a valuable resource for the area.

For information visit the website sull'espositore

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