The Fiumicino dock will host the event "Sailing to Rome". Interview with Alessandro Inno

The online Faro - For some time we follow an initiative that is taking shape: Sailing to Rome, a new exhibition with an international imprint for the entire economy of the sea to be held in Fiumicino, in its dock that was and still is the fulcrum around which the city developed. A context that could be called natural because expression of an area of ​​the sea has always been strongly linked to the economy due to the presence of several thousand units pleasure sedentary - only in Fiumara, branch to the south of the mouth of the Tiber, the estimates of the boats moored for the winter period amounted to more than 2.500 boats and sailing boats and motor - and beyond.

At Fiumicino entire economy of the sea sector it is well represented. shipyards for the construction of sailing yachts and motor yachts as well as important companies specialized in storage and refitting of boats. But also logistics and ports (as well as goods, Also the cruise and pleasure), tourism, fisheries management and coastal protection, aquaculture and energy.

All activities that by their very nature are in Fiumicino fertile ground in which to grow while keeping their ability to deal with a size that is interregional and international. It is hoped, Furthermore, a festival that well made and directed to a catchment area so vast as what can easily reach Fiumicino by car, train and plane, can stimulate a market that, as indeed the national economy, after awakening hints he has not yet embarked on a recovery path that can make their mark. At this time every event that brings attention to the economy of the sea is invaluable.

To get a clearer idea of ​​what will be sailing to Rome we met Alessandro Inno, architect and designer with extensive experience in naval design, always active and full of ideas including, just, to demonstrate that the economy of the sea in Italy and especially in New York is still alive, vibrant, rich in business and professional realities that can make a fine show, recalling the passionate audience that the center Italy, and Rome in the first place, They have always shown to have. He is the deus ex machina of this new event and therefore to him we place the essential questions to explain what kind of event will be.

First we talk about the period: because for Sailing to Rome was chosen in mid-October?

The reasons are different, from the sensitivity to the needs of the entire sector with a focus on construction sites and dealers, that in order to plan the most of their activities, They have a window of time dedicated to the fairs, enough defined. No accident that the major boat show taking place in Europe, where it does most of the world market, are all concentrated between early September and late October, ie at the beginning of nautical.

Sailing to Rome, about that, arises in time immediately after the Genoa Boat Show and aims, then, accommodate all the exhibitors of the center-south return from Genoa. Then statistically it is a very favorable period from the point of view of weather. The famous Roman ottobrate may hold some days to live again in short sleeves, with calm sea, full of sun and light as the daylight savings time change will take place a few days after the close of our event.

Then Sailing to Rome as a return stage from Genoa?

Also, but not only. Sailing to Rome is a decentralized event compared to Genoa, who with his boat show remains and will remain the main showcase for the national nautical.
For this, But, Sailing to Rome is able to give the exhibition an opportunity also to those local entities that have neither men nor means to deal with the Boat Show. In addition to being an opportunity for all those customers who for many reasons can not visit the Genoa Boat Show.

What will be the space reserved for those who want to exhibit boats?

We will have exhibition space on the ground, in the parking lot in front of the Fiumicino dock, and space reserved for the boat in the water for exposition and sea trials. This is due to the municipality of Fiumicino, Port Authority, the Harbour and the collaboration of the cooperative of workers of the port of Trajan and the Fiumicino Sailing Club.

What are the reasons why you come to exhibit in Fiumicino, perché Sailing to Rome?

We are the first edition of Sailing to Rome, yet we believe we can become, soon, one of the top events in the entire economy of the sea as well as a regular event in the coming years. An appointment in which to showcase the best of Made in Italy and the companies that represent it in the economy of the sea. With the hope that the 2017 It is a turning point for the entire sector.

Do we really believe that we are close to a recovery for the entire sector?

Why would not I? There will be work and will not be easy but if all together, institutions, companies, the professionals, associations, we believe this opportunity will give a concrete contribution to the revitalization of the economy of the sea. The Lazio Region, about that, You are engaging in first person. Lazio by Innova, indeed, as part of a series of initiatives to relaunch the economy of the sea she has co-financed the event "Sailing to Rome" aware that a revival of the economy of the sea also benefits the entire Italian economy.

How much will exhibit and what it will cost the ticket for visitors?

The purpose of Sailing to Rome is the promotion of excellence of which, in the economics of the sea, we are representatives. Why the shares are asking operators are very low, almost symbolic, to cover the living costs and even entirely. This is possible, as already mentioned, thanks to the support that will give us the Lazio Region through Innova Lazio. Regarding the public costs, I say immediately that there will be no, the event will be absolutely open to all.
To charge a ticket would be a contradiction already ideologically, given that the aim of Sailing to Rome for what concerns us is, as I told you, only promotional.


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