Sailing to Rome, the international trade fair to be held in Fiumicino from 12 al 16 October, It has as main objective to push the recovery of the entire economy of the sea and, with it, the entire national economy.

To fully understand what has been said let's look at the numbers:

185.000 companies, at the end of last year, They worked in the economy of the sea, the 3% the national business Total. The everything with 43 billion of added value produced euro.

The region in which there is a greater concentration of companies belonging to the sector in the total is Liguria (9.0%). But Lazio looks good, peaking with its 5.1% third in this special ranking, behind the Liguria, just, and Sardinia (5.6%).

In this regard it is interesting to underline how about 18.000 his 185.000, that is, the 9.8% of the total, are headed young entrepreneurs while 38.000 about a 20.6% of the total belong to women entrepreneurship. It is important to highlight what, from this point of view, the "blue" entrepreneurship finally going to move away from the image of the compartment reserved for a male entrepreneurs and experienced.

Values, everyone pitted so far, certainly considerable but whose relevance remains in our secondary proceedings when compared with the importance of the numbers relating to the employment section of the compartment.

A million. This is the number of people employed in the sector of the Blue Economy, the 5% around the whole national economy, all with a space reserved for youth employment than the national average: the 30% of employed economy sea, indeed, It does not reach the 35 years (a remarkable 8% of under 25).

Another interesting observing the fund from employment side is related to qualifications. The blue economy presents a percentage of employed graduates of the total higher than the rest of the country's (respectively 46% e 40%) with a 14.4% of graduates.

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