Great success for the presentation of Sailing to Rome al Cannes Yachting Festival  that is taking place these days.

In an extraordinary setting l 'Arch. Alessandro Inno, the organizer together with the Lazio region of Sailing to Rome, It stressed the importance of the International Fair will have on the economy of the sea for the revival of the sector.

A revival that must necessarily start with the promotion of our excellent professional after years of crisis and stagnation. Promotion to be carried across the border, and that goes well with the international vocation given to the event by the organization.

The economy of the sea has indeed found, and is still, a fundamental base for its sales in the international front. Trai sectors hardest hit by the collapse in domestic consumption, la blue economy, and in particular the shipbuilding sector, with 3 billion Euros of sales abroad, They have found a lifeline in foreign demand.

international vocation, therefore, that is a key part of Sailing to Rome and as such will certainly be highlighted during the events planned for the coming days.

The presentation will in fact be replicated at the weekend and during the same, the large number of visitors to Cannes Yachting Festival, It will be reiterated the invitation to participate: Sailing to Rome dal 12 al 16 October at the Fiumicino dock, unmissable opportunity for the whole economy of the Sea.

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