‘Sailing to Rome’, the art of navigation comes under the spotlight again.

“Sailing to Rome” L’arte della navigazione, ancora una volta sotto i riflettori. Così annuncia la testata giornalistica online INTERRIS con il suo articolo in inglese riguardante la manifestazione Sailing to Rome.

Di seguito l’articolo completo in lingua originale.

An initiative promoted by the Lazio Region and by the Town of Fiumicino aims to create a display case of the regional shipbuilding industry and a meeting space between ship owners and suppliers of accessories for technological research, design, and accessories customization.

The organization of the initiative has been entrusted to Fedex, an association run by the architect Alessandro Inno and co-financed by the Lazio Region and Lazio Innova. To make sure that all stakeholders are involved, we have recently organized a conference on services, convened by the Port Captaincy, which has gathered all the stakeholders, such as the Port Authority, the police, the rescue team at sea, fishermen, and boat builders associations.


Over thirty companies will partake in this event. Among them, we can mention the INO Group (yacht design), Edopera (customization of components and accessories, using advanced materials, and INSEAN CNR (technological research). There is also Raphael among them, a company that exemplifies globalization, using a Chinese capital, Lazio’s planning and design, production in the Marche region, and an international market.

We may also mention small and medium-sized boats manufacturers, such as Seapower, Genial Boat, MB Marine Service, the Seagame, and CVT Nautica, producer of the powerful motors called Mercury. In short, a slice of high-level production and sale in this important sector of Blue Economy will be gathered in Fiumicino.

Trade press adheres to this initiative through Nautica, a historical magazine industry and the online portal Nautica Report, as well as through the newspaper The Lighthouse. There will be local companies such as Tornado, a historical producer of OffShore speedboats, and Co.Ge.Man, with a variety of Heron Yachts.

Besides, people will have the opportunity to see Marga, a historic boat, built in 1910 on the occasion of the Olympics in Stockholm, which has undergone a long and careful restoration process in Tecnomar’s dockyard of Fiumara Grande. It has received prestigious international awards both thanks to the renewal works, thus proving the excellence of local workers, and thanks to the racecourse, where it partook, with excellent results, in the recent competition between classic yachts in St. Tropez. Mediaship, broker and charter, and the catamaran C-Catamarans, an excellent example of a combined performance and elegance.

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to show their boats in the waters of the dock and give potential buyers the opportunity to buy them. In collaboration with the Italian Sailing Federation and Sailing Club of Fiumicino, among the most important and well organized on a national level in Italy, we will be introducing young people to sailing. We will do so aided by a simulator provided with wind, able to recreate the feeling one experiences when sailing.

Among the events of “Sailing to Rome”, we should mention “The Golden Lighthouse” (an award delivered by the newspaper, a unique editorial experiment in Italy, which influences the entire coast of the Lazio region). The award goes to the company that has distinguished itself, thanks to innovation and entrepreneurial initiative, in economy of the sea and other sea-related fields.

The first edition of ‘‘Sailing to Rome’’ (, we intend to revive the regional nautical sector, showing that the industry is evolving and pointing towards internationalization as a way to overcome the crisis. Through the culture of “action”, we want this event to grow and strengthen over time, so as to become one of the most important sailing events. In this regard, during a meeting with industry authorities and associations, they will face the problems that hinder the full recovery of the boating industry from the point of view of economy and employment.


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